Friday, 1 February 2013

First up... SKINCARE part 1

I'll start with the most frequently asked question/ topic EVER, by far...

My Skin...

The questions - 'How is your skin so flawless?' 'What foundation do you use?' 'How can I improve my skin?' 

...and you get the jist, the truth is that I think genetics does play a bit of a part in it (I'm sorry to say) and some people are just lucky and just seem to have great skin without the need to do much to it. 
Lifestyle can also affect your skin too, so if you really want to see a difference you may need to alter your diet or hobbies as well. For example, drinking lots of water, eating plenty of fruits/veg and doing exercise will also improve your skin, as these things all help flush nasty toxins out of your body. 
I think my skin is probably pretty average of the scale of things, I do get breakouts, dry patches, redness but I wouldn't say that I have majorly bad skin to start with! 

HOWEVER - I do like to look after my skin and I think that a good skincare routine and a good makeup application can make a world of difference to even the worst skin! 

It's probably best for me to break this up into a few posts, skincare and makeup so that it is easier to follow...

First up... SKINCARE

I guess my skin care routine starts in the shower;

I will always use some form of face wash or cleanser first to remove all my makeup/ impurities or just to freshen up my face on a morning, I personally like to use a cream face wash as my skin is pretty sensitive and a lot of foaming face wash/ cleansers dry my skin out!

I would always recommend a cream/ gentle cleanser for dry/ sensitive or mature skin as they are not as harsh on the skin, my current favourite is the Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter. For a more budget friendly option the Garnier Soft Essentials cream wash works well too.

I have a combination skin type, which means it can be a little oily in the tzone yet quite dry everywhere else, so i tend to just focus mainly on the dryness as i feel that this is my 'problem area'.

I can't speak much for oily skin, although, whilst studying beauty therapy I found that Dermalogica do a fantastic range of products that seem to work really well for an oily/ acne prone skin type, so you should definitely check out those products. A budget friendly option would be Clean and Clear as they also do good products for this type of skin.

After washing my face I move on to my favourite part EXFOLIATION... I don't know what it is but i just love to scrub my face to within an inch of it's life! My all time favourite would have to be the Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, It has nice fine particles so it feels like its doing the job without being too harsh on the skin. A cheaper choice is the St Ives face scrub range. 

However, oily skins beware, exfoliation increases the production of sebum (oil) in your skin so just stick to doing it a couple of times a week to remove the dead skin!... 
Whereas, I exfoliate pretty much everyday, which as a general rule is ok for drier skins as it encourages cell renewal which =          fresh glowing skin!!

Although, more recently, I have invested in a Clarisonic Mia... What is this contraption I hear you ask?! The best way i can describe it, in simple terms is a giant electric toothbrush for your face! 

More technically it is a sonic cleansing system which claims to make you skin cleaner, clearer and smoother than ever before with its gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing. 

I can honestly say that for me I believe it has improved my skin, it always feels so soft and smooth after using this, and seems to keep away some of those nasty breakouts.

However! It is not cheap!! Dum Dum Dummmmm... At £120 it's a little of the expensive side of things but I was roped into buying one because of all the amazing feedback and reviews on youtube and in the blogging community! I just could not resist!

BUT please do not fret if you cannot part with that amount of pennies! A good exfoliator will still make your skin smoother, and in the long run, better condition! I still use exfoliators all the time,in between using my Clarisonic, sometimes you just can't beat a good scrub!!

OKKK I think I will leave it there for now before I babble on even more...

To be continued...


A x

(Just FYI, all of the budget friendly options can be purchased from Boots)


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