Monday, 25 February 2013

Everyday Natural Looking Curls...

Sometimes I like to curl my hair during the day to give it more body, as my hair has a tendency to look quite 'flat' when its straight...

I have been asked so many times by people that I know/ have met if the curls are natural, my answer is always, simply... I WISH!

And then, of course, come the questions, what do you use? etc.

I like to use a conical wand to curl my hair, as I think that for me it gives a more natural looking curl, I currently own two wands, a thicker wand for a loose curl, and a medium thickness wand for a slightly tighter curl.

I mostly use my big barrel Babyliss Pro Conical Wand (35mm-19mm), especially during the day, as I think its more subtle and is faster to use when your in a rush, as you can take larger sections of hair.

 I start with blow dried hair... I do sometimes just leave my hair like this during the day, if i'm being lazy! I first prep my hair with a heat defence spray as these wands get REALLY hot so god knows what damage they are doing to your hair, I like to use Tresemme, because it's fairly cheap and does the job perfectly. 

Once my wand has heated up to the right temperature (on this particular wand a light flashes green), I begin taking sections, around an inch thick, and wrap them around the wand, going away from my face. I like to vary the section size and pick up random pieces, to give a more natural look, I also don't take the curls too high up and try to focus creating more curls on the ends. 
NOTE... The wand gets ridiculously hot, and I have been known to burn myself more than a few times, and yes it hurts. Some wands do come with a heat resistant glove which I would definitely suggest using until you've got the hang of it, as will need to hold the ends of the hair really close to the wand to prevent getting random straight bits at the ends of your curls.

Once the whole head has been done the curls should look like this, all separated and defined, which is a look that I am not particularly fond of. SO I like to brush the curls out using my tangle teaser, or fingers or any other gentle brush/ comb, I only brush through the hair once just to 'merge' the curls together, you don't want to brush them out completely. And also over-brushing the curls will just make them frizzy.

Now for the finishing touches... Firstly I get a small amount of hair oil/ serum or smoothing cream, and rub it into my hands so that there is only a tiny film of product. I then run this through my hair with my fingers, smoothing any frizzy bits as a go. I also like to add a bit more volume at the roots with my V05 Backcombing Spray... and finally add hairspray to set the style.

And FINITO... Pretty tousled waves!!
If you are after a more curly style then just simply use a thinner wand and repeat the same process, also by taking smaller sections you can get a more voluminous and curly result. I tend to use my smaller Jose Eber 19mm curling wand when I'm going on a night out as I think it just gives a slightly more glamorous look!

These are the products that I used... Tresemme Heat Defence, Loreal Pro Infinium Force 4 Hairspray,V05 Plump It Up Dry Backcombing Spray, Macademia Oil and a Tangle Teaser.

The Babyliss Concial Wand that I used can be found HERE

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