Friday, 8 March 2013

Bdellium Green Bambu Makeup Brushes

Yep, you guessed it,
I've been online shopping yet again... I may need to put myself of a self imposed spending ban! 

I've had my eye on the Smokey Eyes Brush Set from Bdellium Tools for a while, as I love the smokey eye brush that I already have from this range... 
The Green Bambu Series of brushes are all synthetic, eco friendly and 100% cruelty free and not to mention super duper soft! 

The brushes came in this tube/tub thing, there are 5 brushes in this particular smokey eyes set, but they also do a set with face brushes (which truth be told is likely to be next on my list)

All I can say is that I have only had these brushes a few days and I love them already!

(From L-R)

Smokey Eyeliner Brush - This is the same as the brush that I already have, it's amazing for smudging out your eyeliner to get that grungey smokey look. It blends eyeliner like a dream! Could also be used to get a really defined 'cut' crease.

Shadow Brush - This would be great for placing eyeshadow on the eyelid or even to apply liquid or cream concealers under the eyes to get a flawless finish.

Crease Brush - I would use this brush to blend eyeshadow when creating a smokey eye, it is nice and small so it can get into the crease of the eye but is also quite fluffy to help create a nice blended look. It's quite rare to find a good small blending brush most tend to be quite big so you can't be as precise with your blending.

Angled Contour Brush - For me this brush is a little bit to big to be used on the eyes, but maybe I just have small eyes? Although, I do think it would be great for precision contouring, under the cheekbones and down the sides of the nose, or even great for applying cream highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones.

Liner/ Brow Brush - As the name suggests great for lining the eyes with gel liner or filling in the eyebrows, but it also would be great for getting a precise lip line when applying lipstick.

So all in all, really great brushes and for £25 they are a steal, that works out at only £5 per brush!! I bought mine from which has free delivery over for £15 purchases, can't ask for more than that! 

P.S. use the code KARLA15 to get 15% off this website until Sunday :)

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