Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Caviar Manicure...

I have seen a few different versions of the Ciate 'Caviar' manicures over the past year, but to be honest I've always thought they were a little bit too expensive for what they are! But obviously I was intrigued by them as they are something a little different! 

So, when I was wandering around the craft department in a local store, I was excited to come across a set of 'micro beads' which looked IDENTICAL to the tiny beads of the caviar manicure!! And they cost just £6 for a set of 8 colours! 

And I guess the good thing about having lots of different colours, is that you can mix whichever combination you want! 

Anyway, I decided to try it out and see what all the fuss is about!

As it was my first time trying it I decided to only do one finger on each hand, that, and the fact I didn't have the patience to sit there and do it on every finger...

So first of all I mixed two colours of the beads together and put them into a separate pot.

Next, I applied a THICK layer of my chosen nail varnish to the nail that I wanted to apply the micro beads, you need a good amount of nail varnish on the nail in order for the beads to have something to stick to (think the same as putting icing on a bun then sprinkling on hundreds and thousands)...

I then poured the beads onto my nail, using a small plastic container (the lid from a set of false eyelashes) to catch any beads that dropped down underneath.

I waited a few seconds (for the nail varnish underneath to go slightly tacky) and then very gently pressed the beads down to make sure they were properly stuck, and knocked off any excess! 

Whilst waiting for the nail varnish to dry I painted the other nails, with the dark blue colour I had chosen...

If you were to do every nail with the caviar manicure then you would have to do each nail individually, which would be quite time consuming, but it is definitely a nice effect!

However, I do think it is a bit of a novelty concept as it is not very practical, the beads seem to catch on a lot of things and for this reason start to drop off! By the end of the day it looked very patchy as half of the beads had fallen off!

So in conclusion, a great idea, which looks very cool, but in practice not that great! Although, I do think if you are going to a special occasion or a night out then it would probably be nice for something a bit different for one night! But other than that it's not really worth all the effort in my opinion!

But, if you do fancy giving it a try I noticed that the brand MUA, in Superdrug, now do their own version called 'nail constellations', for £3 per pre mixed pot, which isn't bad! Who knows you might be less of a faffer than me and actually be able to keep them on your nails for longer than a day!

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