Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Eyebrow Tinting...

I love tinting my eyebrows, It makes them so much more defined and shaped and I just think it makes a such a big difference to your face!
Naturally my eyebrows are probably a light brown colour, but some of the finer hairs are more blonde so they don't stand out at all... 
I love a strong eyebrow so I always tint mine quite dark, I just wish I had naturally thicker eyebrows!!

*I apologise for the poor picture quality and lack of makeup, I tinted my eyebrows last night after the gym so the pictures are a bit dark and grainy, and I don't look my best! But you get the idea! 

What do you need?

If you have access to a wholesalers like Alan Howard or Sally's then you will need to buy a tube of the eyelash/ eyebrow tint colour and a tint developer. If not you can buy home tinting kits from Boots/ Superdrug or ASDA, I've heard that the Eylure 'Dylash' is good.

I think if you get the at home tinting kit, you will have almost everything in there, but heres a list of everything you will need...

- Tube of brow tint
- Tint developer (3% hydrogen peroxide)
- Small mixing bowl (you could improvise and use the lid off one of your hair products or something)
- Vaseline
- Applicator, I use an orange stick, but you can use an eyeliner brush or something like that.
- Cotton buds
- Cotton pads

How to...

Firstly, you will need to mix together your 
tint colour and the tint developer, I always squeeze out a 1-2cm long amount of tint colour and mix it with around 4-5 drops of the developer. When mixed together properly they should form a paste, it can take a little while to get them to fully mix together and at first the mixture can look a bit lumpy... but just keep mixing until you get a paste.

Before applying the tint mix to your eyebrows make sure that you have removed any makeup or moisturisers from the area as these can act as a barrier and prevent it from working.

Also, put a thin layer of Vaseline around the eyebrows, making sure you do not get any on the eyebrows themselves, this will stop the product from staining your skin if you have a little accident!



I apply the tint mix to my eyebrows using an orange stick, applying small amounts at a time and keeping in with the general shape of my eyebrows. I do like to go a little bit thicker than my eyebrows are just to make sure that all those tiny fine hairs are covered too. If you make any mistakes or blob the product somewhere you don't want it to be, use a dampened cotton bud to carefully remove it.
 Leave this on for roughly 5 mins depending on how dark you want them to be (but do not leave it on longer than 10 mins), then remove the product using damp cotton pads.



I know that the pictures are not great quality, but you can still see the difference that tinting makes, my eyebrows are now a few shades darker and much more 'shaped' as the tint has also darkened all the fine surrounding hairs.

If my eyebrows are still looking a little bit sparse after this I will just fill in the gaps using a brow powder/pencil to give them extra definition.

Also, if you are going to tweeze or wax your eyebrows, make sure that you do it AFTER, otherwise it can sting if you put the tint mix onto freshly plucked skin, plus you will also be able to see some of the unwanted fine hairs better after tinting.

The bonus of doing it yourself is that the tube of tint and the activator lasts you at least 10 uses! So it literally costs you less than 75p per use! Compared to around £5- £10 per visit to a salon to have it done! And it's so easy once you get the hang of it!

Happy Tinting :)

A x


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