Monday, 4 March 2013

Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish

I noticed these new Maybelline nail polishes when I was in Boots (surprise surprise) this week.

I haven't really invested in any new ones for a while as pretty much every nail polish that I have chips on me after a day or two which is annoying!

The reason I was drawn to these was because of their 'gel base' I was hoping this may mean that they would last longer on my nails.

The colours that I bought (L-R) are Burgundy Kiss, Power Red and Latte. (They were on 3 for 2... are you seeing a pattern here? Offers + makeup = sucker)

To be honest, first impressions, I am not overly enamoured of these, the texture of the polish itself just isn't quite right for me, it's just too thin and 'runny' making it run down into your cuticles if you're not REALLY careful, and definitely no good if your in a rush.

Also, you need at least two coats to get an opaque finish, I would say three coats is probably best to ensure full opacity, depending on the colour! Then after all that it chipped a little on the tips of my nails after just over a day (FYI I did not use a topcoat)...

To be fair though for £2.99, they are ok, there is a great colour range, and the applicator brush is nice and wide which is loads easier than those fiddly thin brushes that some nail polishes come with! And they do leave a nice glossy finish, It's just a shame that they don't last long on my nails!! 

To the left I have Burgundy Kiss and Latte on my nails, I also put a glitter topcoat (Barry M) over the top of the nude as it looked a little it bland next to the rich dark wine colour!

So all in all, these aren't terrible, but they definitely aren't amazing either! I mean nail polish never lasts very long on me anyway, no matter what the brand, and if you were just using them for a night out they would be fine, as there are some great colours to be had! I guess I set my expectations too high with these... But who knows overtime the polishes may thicken up a little bit or I may learn to love them! 

For now, however, I am not in a hurry to rush out and buy anymore...

A x


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