Friday, 8 March 2013

New Skincare...

So, I was browsing the site last week (For those that don't know Escentual is a website that sells hair/beauty products), and I noticed that there was a 1/3rd off French skincare brands... Now if you didn't already know I'm a sucker for a bargain... 

At the moment I've been having loads of problems with my skin, mainly with my eczema around my eyes, which is driving me mental! But the rest of my skin also seems to be quite dry... So I thought it was time to have a switch up with my skincare and see what else is out there that may be even better for my skin, surely it can't hurt to try?!

When I was browsing the French skincare brands I came across the La Roche Posay range of products, I have used the 'Effaclar Duo' from this brand before and it did great things for my skin when I was having a bout of nasty breakouts! SO I figured that I would check out the products that they do for drier skins whilst they were on offer!

These are the products that I ended up purchasing...

Oh, and I also chose a face wash from Bioderma, which is another brand which I have tried before, and I love their Micellar water cleansers! I liked the sound of this cleanser as it is aimed at dry, sensitive skin, prone to eczema!

Nutritic Intense - A moisturiser aimed at dry, sensitive skin, claims to soothe and relieve painful symptoms associated with dry skin.

Lipikar Cleansing Oil - For use in the bath or shower in place of a body wash, claims to gently cleanse the skin and protect it from drying out.

Bioderma Atoderm Ultra Rich Foaming Gel - Soap free cleanser, claims to remove irritants that aggravate dry skin, gentle enough to use on babys (always a good sign), keeps the skins natural pH balance to prevent it from drying out.

Cicaplast Skin Recovery Accelerator - Multi purpose skin reconstructor, claims to heal dry patches, skin irritations and chapped skin, has a lightweight gel like formula.

Effaclar Duo - I bought this as I was running out of the one that I have at the moment, love this product! It really speeds up the healing of spots!

Physiological Ultra Fine Face Scrub - Aimed at sensitive skins.

These sound awesome, right?!
I can't really give much of a 'review' on these products yet as I have only been using them a few days, but the initial impressions are good, none of the products have strong fragrances, they are free from parabens and all the other nasties, and none have them have irritated my skin... So now i'll just have to wait and see if they improve my skin at all! 

I'll have to keep you posted on whether they make it into my everyday skincare routine... But I just wanted to do a little haul for you now just incase you wanted to try any of the French pharmacy products from Escentual as they are still on offer at the moment until the end of March!! 

Don't ask me why French skincare brands are so good, I have no idea, but I really am loving the La Roche Posay range, and the great thing is they have products to suit all types of problem skins!

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