Friday, 5 April 2013

MUA Makeup Haul/ Review...

I've had a few things from MUA (Make Up Academy) in the past, mainly just lipsticks and individual eyeshadows, but for the price I think that their products are amazing, especially with a lot of their range being just £1! 
I've been hearing a lot about their new 'Undressed' range lately, so when I was in Superdrug I thought I would have a gander...

I ended up buying the Undressed eyeshadow palette, which is supposed to be a copy of the famous Urban Decay Naked Palette, and lucky for me it was on offer £3 instead of £4... Ridiculously cheap!! 
I also picked up a cream blusher from their professional range, which I think was either £1 or £2... I forget, either way still great value. Finally I chose one of the £1 lipsticks, I have had a few of these in the past, when I was just starting out in makeup, and I loved them, I couldn't believe that they could make a lipstick this good for just £1... But at some point over the past few years they must have gone walkabout as my makeup collection grew and grew!

Anyway, down to the reviews...

Lipstick - Shade 1 (See image below, the left swatch)

This particular shade is a lovely colour, I would say it is a deep-ish crimson red (hard to describe) but it is a really pretty and quite unusual shade of red. I matched it up with pretty much every red lipstick that I own, and it didn't look similar to any!

However, I will say that not all of the colours in the range are nice, too be honest I only liked about four of the colours from the whole collection. This colour and shade 3, which is a lovely blue toned vibrant pink (I didn't end up buying this one), were my two favourites!

All in all great colour payoff, a lovely smooth satin finish, lasts well, ... ugly packaging but what more can you really ask for, for £1?!

(Lipstick Shade 1, left, Cream Blush in Bittersweet, right)

Blush Perfection, Professional Cream Blusher - In Bittersweet (see image above, on the right)

Again, another great colour, I am really into bright blusher at the moment, as my skin is so pale through winter, I think it really brightens up my complexion! Don't get me wrong I wouldn't slap it on as bright as shown in the above swatch, but blended out it gives a lovely sheer wash of pink.

It is also a really easy formula to apply, as it has a silky texture, and isn't sticky or shiny at all. I've just been popping it onto the apples of my cheeks with my middle finger gently patting it on and blending the edges, this is the great thing about cream blush it can be easily blended away if you apply a bit too much!

The other colours in the range all looked to be quite natural and browny toned, which I don't particularly like, but I guess this may appeal to others!

Professional Eyeshadow Palette - Undressed

I have taken a picture of the MUA Undressed palette (left) next to the Original Urban Decay Naked palette (right) so that you can see for yourselves the similarities! Both palettes have 12 eyeshadows in them, two of which are matte, the others are shimmer.

Just so you know the Naked palette costs £36, in contrast to the Undressed palette, which I only paid £3 for... So already you can see that there is a humongous difference in price! I mean I am (and probably always will be) in love with the UD Naked palette, it truly is worth the money!!

HOWEVER, there can't be any harm in finding something similar that can be used as a backup, right?!

I have taken a picture of the colour swatches from the Undressed palette, below, in the same order as they appear in the palette...

I am very impressed with this palette, the colour payoff is VERY good for nearly all of the colours (bear in mind, the lighter colours are harder to see as they blend with my skin), and the texture is nice and soft but not too powdery. The only disappointments, I would say, are the two matte shades, particularly the lightest brown, which barely showed up at all!! But, I guess you can't have it all, and for £3 it's worth having just for the other 10 shimmer colours!

To conclude, I definitely wouldn't replace my UD Naked palette with the MUA Undressed palette, as I do still think that the Naked palette is better as the colours seem to have more depth... 
BUT I think that the Undressed palette is ridiculously good value for money and is a great product, I would recommend anyone to try it as you really can't ask for more for the price!!

So, looks like I will be visiting the MUA counter again, who would have thought that the cheapest makeup brand (probably ever) could produce such great products! It just proves that cheap makeup doesn't always mean poor quality... 

A x

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  1. Think I'll be purchasing that palette! Also 'have a gander' very it hahaa xx