Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation...

Whilst in London last week I did a bit of shopping (It would have been rude not to)...
 I mostly bought bits of makeup for my professional kit, but I did treat myself to a new foundation, Nars Sheer Glow, as I had heard a lot of rave reviews about it in the beauty blogging world!

Now, I'm sat here thinking why the heck did I not try this sooner?! It really is as good as the hype! To be honest, the reason I was put off buying it in the first place was the fact that it costs £30.50 for a 30ml bottle... which does seem a tad pricey, but I am so glad that I gave in to the temptation as it now takes its place as my new favourite foundation!

Oddly the foundation isn't what I would call 'sheer' coverage at all, I'd say its more of a medium coverage. But maybe the name refers to the fact that it looks natural on the skin, a bit like a 'your skin but better' claim... which It definitely does!

I bought it at the Nars counter in Selfridges, and asked to counter assistant to colour match me so that I was sure I was getting the right shade, we decided on the colour 'Figi' (Light 5). The lady that helped me was really nice and even gave me a few sample sizes of a darker colour to use on my forehead, which always tans more than the rest of my face in the summer! 
I noticed that she applied the foundation with her hands, and she explained that this produces the best finish with this particular foundation... Now, normally I am not a fan of applying foundation with my hands, I just prefer the finish when using a brush! But for some bizarre reason it actually does look better when applied with your fingers, how odd!!

Most of the colours did seem to be quite yellow in tone, which is ok for me as I do have yellowy undertones in my skin, but for those that have more of a pink undertone, I would guess that it would be quite difficult to get a good colour match.

There is also a 'sister' foundation, called Sheer Matte, which I can only presume is the same but aimed at oily skin types?! Saying that though, I think it's the natural 'glow' that makes the Sheer Glow foundation so nice, as it makes the skin look lovely and healthy... So, I'm not sure that the matte version would have quite the same effect?! But who knows, you will have to give it a try if you have an oily skin type!

It is such a perfect summer foundation, it makes the skin look flawless and healthy and lasts all day, the only thing I don't like is the bottle! I'm not a fan of glass bottles that you have to pour out as it's a bit of a pain, especially when you get down to the last little bit! I'd much prefer a pump, but I guess thats only a small bugbear! So, if you're on the hunt for a new foundation and you have £30 to spend... it's a no brainer in my opinion :)

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