Saturday, 8 June 2013

Quick May Favourites...

Gosh! That month went really fast, and now it's time again to share with you my favourite products of the past month...

Firstly my new go to mascara Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express!
I bought this a few months ago, I tried it, but I wasn't totally enamoured so it got shoved to the back of the drawer... However, for some unknown reason I reached for it a few weeks ago, and I've ended up using it everyday since!
It gives you long fluttery lashes with a bit of volume, great for everyday when you want a natural pretty look.
It's kind of ironic that it's called 'the falsies' as I personally think it creates natural looking long lashes, but anyway it's a great mascara.

(£7.99 at Boots/ Superdrug/ ASDA etc)

Next up, Bobbi Brown Corrector, this corrector is used before concealer to neutralise dark under eye circles. This has been another go to product for me this month as I have been getting up really early and working long hours, so I have really needed some under eye brightening! 

I have the colour 'Light Peach' which I think is perfect for lighter skins, for other skin tones I would suggest using one of the other darker Peach tones, as these work best at eradicating the purple undertones that come with dark circles. 
FYI... If you get green/yellow discolouration under your eyes I would go for the Bisque colours as these are pink toned.

You only need a small amount of this corrector just on the areas where it is needed, the put your usual concealer on over the top and set with powder to avoid creasing. Some people do use this instead of concealer it just depends on the level of coverage that you are after. It is quite expensive at £18 but it lasts a while because you only need a small amount, and it really does work wonders at brightening under the eyes!

MUA Eyeshadow Shade 19
I recently bought this while on a quest for a new eyeshadow to use to fill in my eyebrows, I far from expected to come away with this beauty which set me back a whole £1! 
I admit I wasn't expecting it to be great, but figured it was worth a try, and it really was! It's a great colour for dark haired people, or those of us that just like a strong brow!
I like to use my MAC 266 angled brush to apply it, using upward strokes with a light hand, as I don't think dark heavy 'scouse brows' are a good look on me.

(£1 at Superdrug)

Last but not least NIP + FAB Dry Skin Fix Body Butter in Pistachio Sundae.
Firstly, this smells INSANELY good it is very sweet and its name is probably the perfect description, just like a super sweet pistachio ice-cream. I do warn you though if you don't like sweet scents then this won't be for you, but I would definitely try some of the other scents like Mango Smoothie and Coconut Latte, as these sound divine! 
But, regardless of scent, this is a lovely body butter, very creamy and rich! It feels so luxurious and keeps you moisturised until your next shower/bath! 
You can buy this in Boots for £8.95 but they are on offer at the moment on the NIP + FAB website for £4.95 under the 'offers' section! 

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