Sunday, 14 July 2013

June Favourites...

Garnier Summerbody 

The majority of June was pretty rubbish weather wise so I felt like my skin needed a bit of boost, as ghostly white is not a great look in the summer!

I'm not a massive fan of fake tan myself as I find it needs a lot of maintenance to say looking nice and natural, plus it goes patchy after a few days and it stains your bed... I just find it a bit of a faff to be honest, unless I'm going somewhere special!
Anyway, gradual tanners are more my kinda thing, it's a moisturiser that contains a bit of fake tan, so that you can gradually build up and maintain a natural looking tan.
I have the 'Deep Sun Kissed Look' but you can also buy the 'Light Sun Kissed Look' version if you are super pale, I have been applying it once or twice a week just to add a little bit of a glow to my skin.
I like this one in particular because it gives a nice even result and smells nice! I have tried a few others, such as Johnsons and Dove but they either don't smell very nice, feel sticky or leave streaks!

£7.15 for the large 400ml size (Currently half price at Superdrug)

Moroccan Oil

My hair has been so dry lately (probably because I really need to get it cut) so this stuff has been a lifesaver for stopping my hair from looking scraggly!

I put one or two pumps onto damp hair, after i've washed it, just through the mid lengths and ends.
I am almost running out of it now (Nooooo), which i'm really sad about as it's really expensive (around £30) and I can't bring myself to buy another bottle!
I recently tried the Tresemme Liquid Gold to see if it was a good replacement, but it is just no where near as good unfortunately!
Maybe it really is one of those things that you get what you pay for, as the Macademia Oil is similar in price and I love that one too!
I am still going to look for a cheaper alternative though... Next on my list is L'Oreal Mythic Oil! 

La Roche Posay Nutritic Intense Moisturiser

I bought this moisturiser a few months ago but I didn't realise how much I liked it until I started to run out!
It doesn't really do anything particularly magical but it smells pleasant, keeps my skin moisturised, it's not too thick or greasy, it doesn't aggravate my skin when my eczema flares up, it sits well under makeup and the price isn't too bad either! So it ticks all the boxes for me!
The brand also do a 'Riche' version of this moisturiser for excessively dry problematic skin, so I may think about purchasing that when winter comes around, as my skin tends to need a bit more needy when it's cold.

£15.50 for 50ml (Currently 20% off at

I've also been loving Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (see review here) and Clarins Exfoliating Toner (see review here) but I only bought them half way through June so I haven't been using them for the whole month, plus I've already mentioned them anyway!

So, I will leave you with a pretty picture of these gorgeous flowers in my garden! I've been loving all of this sun in July! Lets hope it stays all summer, fingers crossed!!

A x

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