Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips...

The Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms have been out in the USA for a while now and they are always raved about over there...
So, when they were finally released in the UK a few weeks ago I was so excited to try them, I am a massive lover of lip balms as I ALWAYS have dry lips, and I always find it a bonus when they combine lip balms with a hint of colour!
So already, before I had even tried them, they were looking like they were going to be right up my alley!

Unfortunately, when I went into my local Boots and Superdrug they did not have them in yet, so I decided to order them from the Boots online website as they were on 3 for 2!
I am already thinking I will be going back to buy the other 3 as I can't bear to not have the full set!

(L-R Mint Fresh, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch)

In the collection there are three colourless formulas and three tinted formulas, as you can see I chose two colours and one colourless, they claim to give intense care, 8 hour hydration and nourishing for baby soft lips... they are all priced at £2.99 each.

Mint Fresh...  This is one of the colourless versions which includes SPF20, it has a lovely subtle mint scent and leaves a slight tingle on the lips when first applied, the formula feels really hydrating and comfortable on the lips, which is obviously very important in a lip balm! So, thumbs up so far!

Peach Kiss... This is supposedly one of the tinted versions, however, on my lips it does not show up as having any colour, just a slight sparkle, so I'm not as impressed with this one! The formula also does not seem quite as hydrating and soothing as the colourless ones! 

Pink Punch...  Again this is one of the tinted versions, it leaves a subtle light pink colour to the lips which is really nice for during the day, as with Peach Kiss, the formula is not as hydrating as the colourless ones. But I think I can forgive that seen as the colour is so pretty!

So, mixed feelings about these... 
It seems to me that the colourless formulas are more moisturising plus they have the added bonus of including SPF20, so they are a great choice if you are looking for a good lip balm.
I was slightly disappointed with the colour Peach Kiss as it seemed to have virtually no colour payoff other than a bit of sparkle. 
But, I do really like Pink Punch, I think this will get the most use out of the bunch, I just really wish they had made it as moisturising and included SPF like the colourless formulas!!

I will probably pick up the other three just to make my mind up properly about them... Overall I think they are well priced and great for the money but I do still prefer my Apivita Lip Balm/ Tints as they are just that little bit more hydrating! (I included these in my February Favs here).

Thanks for reading :)

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