Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sleek Makeup Blush By 3...

I will start by saying that I really LOVE the Sleek Makeup Blushes, personally I think they are just as good if not better than a lot of the high end expensive ones that I own, and they are always a permanent fixture in my makeup bag!

These 'blush BY 3' palettes have been out a while now, when they were released I was very interested in trying them but they were always sold out of the colours I wanted my in local Superdrug, then I guess I just forgot about them all together! 

So when I was watching my usual YouTube beauty videos and I saw Zoella mention these palettes, I immediately started looking online to see where I could purchase them (My local Superdrug no longer has Sleek Makeup, how very rude!!)... 

Anyway I ended up buying the one called 'Lace' as the palette contains oranges and corals which are perfect for summer! 

(L-R Chantilly, Guipure, Crochet)

The colours are all named after types of lace (If that wasn't already obvious by the name of the palette...) 

Chantilly is a matte orange shade which may look unwearable at first glance but if you use a small amount it looks lovely and summery and really brightens your complexion! 

Guipure is a peachy pink shade with gold shimmer, it is VERY similar to the famous NARS 'Orgasm' blush (Yes, that is the name of it... very naughty ha!) I swatched both side by side and there is very little difference (see below)! So a great cheaper alternative as the NARS blush on its own costs £21.50!

(Sleek 'Guipure' on the left, NARS 'Orgasm' on the right)

Crochet is a bright matte coral shade which again when used sparingly creates a pretty summery flush!

To apply these I literally just touch my blusher brush on the powder then swirl my brush in the lid/mirror to evenly coat the brush with product and apply in light circular motions to the apples of my cheeks! I've been loving mixing the orange and coral shade together with just a dab of each, then I've been using Guipure to highlight the tops of my cheekbones and a touch on my brow bone!
(I use the Real Techniques Contour brush to apply blush, just FYI)

I think this is a fantastic product, all of the colours in this particular palette work really well together and I am definitely looking forward to trying another colour variation! I will say that the matte shades are a touch too powdery, but this does not affect the quality at all, the colours are still very pigmented, you just need to make sure you tap off the excess before applying it!
I also love the packaging very minimalistic and ermmm... well, Sleek? And it's great that it comes with a mirror too, perfect for travelling!

Completely worth £10 in my opinion! 
I bought mine off Ebay for the same price but most larger Superdrug stores sell Sleek Makeup!

A x


  1. I live the Sleek blushes I have the Pink Sprint one and love it want to get more xx

  2. Definitely try one of these palettes then! Great value and amazing quality! I also have one called Pixie Pink too which is a gorgeous bright pink :)

  3. These look amazing! Especially getting 3 for £10. Sleek blushes are amazing, they're so pigmented!

  4. I know! They are literally the only powder blushes I use now!! :)

  5. Oooh those blushes are so pretty! I have to swatch them next time I am in Superdrug. x
    A MakeupHabit