Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Winter Skincare Saviours...

Hello strangers...
I've had a busy few months so please excuse my disappearance, but I'm back... for now!

Anyway, here we go...

Winter has well and truly set in, and over the past month or so I've been putting my skincare to the ultimate test, as I've been working outside in the worst imaginable weather conditions... As a result my face has been suffering and was pretty much falling off.

To try and save my face I've been trying to keep up a good skincare routine, and slowly but surely it's getting there, so, I thought I would share with you my 'skincare saviours'...

I'll start with this lovely Reve de Miel lip balm by NUXE...

My lips probably suffer the most in cold weather and I really struggle to stop them cracking and getting sore. I'd seen this lip balm being raved about in a few blogs, but I always thought it seemed quite expensive (£9.50 from NUXE) and I couldn't possibly need anymore lip balms, I already own far too many! 

Well, I was wrong... Everyone with chapped lips NEEDS this lip balm in their life!
The formula itself is quite thick and feels really luxurious, it's also matte so you don't get that shiny Vaseline look on your lips. 
I love that it comes in a glass jar, it just looks so nice, and feels like a luxury product!
In my opinion I think it's more of a lip treatment than a lip balm and I just keep it on my bedside table and slather it on before bed, which seems to works perfectly well for me... But obviously use it how you please!

Personally I think that this is a must over the winter months if you suffer from dry lips, and although £9.50 does seem a bit steep for a lip balm, you do get ALOT of product so it will last a long time!

Next up is the Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser, with shea butter for dry/ sensitive skin, I never get on well with foaming cleansers no matter what time of the year, as the vast majority make my skin feel so dry and tight! But I also find them the easiest way to remove my makeup properly when I'm in the shower, so when I discovered this product a few years ago I was over the moon! 

It has a quite creamy formula which forms a little bit of a lather when mixed with water, it doesn't get as 'foamy' as your average soap product but I love it, it leaves my skin feeling lovely and clean but soft... and it doesn't sting your eyes which is always a bonus!!
I believe they also do different versions of this for other skin types as well.
(£14.40 from

Now onto the Michael Todd Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub, this is a mild scrub which uses fruit enzymes and tiny micro beads to gently remove dead skin cells and reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. It definitely lives up to it's claims as my face always feels so smooth after using this, I generally just gently massage it around my face then leave it on for about a minute to let the fruit enzymes do their thing, before I rinse it off. 

Personally I think exfoliating is one of the most important parts of skincare, especially in winter, as the cold weather can make the skin dry and flakey, so it's important to make sure that you get rid of the dead skin to keep your skin looking its best!

Overall its just a nice product, smells nice, feels nice, makes your skin nice (how many times can I say nice?) The only downside is that its an American brand so this can make it a little more expensive as you have to get it sent from the US. But saying that the shipping costs are actually very reasonable so it's not bad at all!
($18 roughly £11 from Michael Todd)

Moving on to the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner, now, I don't religiously use a toner, I find that a lot of them are pretty useless and don't really do very much. BUT it seems that a new generation of toners have been born recently that include lots of skincare goodness, such as exfoliating fruit acids, like this toner. I already raved about this product in another post so I wont repeat myself, but here's a LINK to that if you want to know more!

Recently I've just been using this once or twice every week on the days that I don't use my other exfoliator, just because I like both products and I can't decide which I prefer, forever indecisive!
(£20 from

Almost there... Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. I am forever changing moisturisers but at the moment I'm getting on quite well with this one. It is very much a 'no frills' moisturiser in the sense that is doesn't claim to do anything miraculous and the packaging is very clinical, but it does it's job and that's what matters most to me! 

It is aimed at dehydrated/ prematurely ageing skin, but I'd say it would suit most normal to combination to dry skin types that are in need of a bit of extra moisture in the winter months! 
It's just a really good moisturiser, nothing much more to say about it!
(£29.70 50ml from Beauty Flash)

Finally the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask... 
Now, I've only had this for a few weeks but I can already tell that it's amazing! I'd been on my 'to buy' list for a while, then when I got a voucher from Space NK (Thanks Lynn!!) I didn't really have an excuse not to buy it! The mask on its own is £30 but I noticed that there was a gift set including the full size mask with a few other mini products for only £2 more, so it was a bit of a no brainer... I love a good deal!!

It claims to reduce fine lines, renew your complexion, improve skin tone, combat congestion etc etc. Basically make your skin look brighter and more radiant. It does seem to be living up to its claims so far, as even after the first use I did notice a difference in my skin! 
It's definitely a good pick me up for your skin when it's looking a bit dull and feeling sorry for itself, 
and I must admit I do like a nice luxury face mask to make me feel all pampered and relaxed :) 

(AND it came in the cool gift packaging!!!) 

Ciao for now!

A x