Monday, 24 February 2014

What's In My Backpack?...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am going to Thailand for just over a month. We will be moving around a lot so I am taking a backpack as it will be easier to carry from place to place... 

As a general rule backpacks are smaller than the average suitcase that you might take on a 'normal' holiday, so I had to be clever/ brutal with my packing!

I have read up on other blogs about the 'necessities' for travelling/ backpacking but most of the ones I found were written by men which probably need half as much stuff as women! Especially women like myself who consider a large proportion of their beauty items to be necessities!! So for me this was a bit of a challenge, 

BUT I was victorious and I even have space in the top to fill with the things that I will inevitably buy while I am over there! I can't tell you how proud I am... 


4 loose fit/ drop arm hole vests (I've heard it can be very humid so loose fitting clothes are a must!)

1 long sleeve top (Incase I need to cover up for any reason)
1 little black dress 
2 pairs of denim shorts
1 Kaftan
1 Coverup/ day dress
4 Bikinis (probably a bit over kill but they don't take up much room)
1 pair of pumps
2 pairs of flip flops


Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner

Garnier body moisturiser (I will also use this as aftersun)
Nivea body wash
Asda sun protection spray SPF 15 & 30
Numark insect repellant 50% DEET
Sure deodorant 
Miscellaneous wash bag of other mini toiletries (face wash/ moisturiser/ exfoliator, toothpaste, toothbrush, mini perfume, cotton pads etc, etc)
Simple face wipes
Baby wipes 
Travel tissues

I've yet to pack my makeup but hopefully I can keep this to a minimum too!

Other bits and bobs...

Travel wash (So that I can easily wash my clothes in a shower/ sink as needed)

Mini first aid kit (I put together myself, waterproof plasters, antiseptic wipes, antiseptic cream, anti histamines, ibuprofen, dressing pads, microporous tape, mini scissors, tweezers, Immodium)
1 beach towel
1 small towel
Sleeping bag liner (I probably won't always be sleeping in nice hotels so this just protects from dirty beds/ bed bugs etc I also chose a silky material one to keep me cool)
1 money belt (To keep my most important documents/ valuables close to me at all times)
1 torch
2 combination locks 

So for now that is what I am taking, I'm sure I will have another re jig before I go, but hopefully this represents pretty much what I will be taking. 

I plan to travel in a pair of loose fit tapered leg trousers, a tshirt, hoodie and a pair of sandals, so I will also have these with me incase I need to cover up.

For those that are interested my backpack is the Berghaus Verden 60L (but is expandable to 70L)
It is also tailored towards women and can be adjusted to your height requirements which is a bonus... 

I read a lot of reviews before buying it and it does feel very secure and comfy when I've tried it on, so no bad back for me (hopefully)!! They also do a mens version which is a fraction bigger. And just to be super organised I've attached a ribbon so I can easily see which backpack is mine.

Hopefully some of you guys found this useful/ interesting, I think I have managed to keep everything to a minimum as much as I can, and I will probably buy some clothes/ trinkets there so I wanted to have room in my backpack for that too!

Ta Ra for now!

A x


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